computerabstract2FIDX (Furniture Industry Data eXchange) is a neutral industry group
promoting standards of data exchange. FIDX members are committed
to making the exchange of information faster, easier and less expensive.
The work of FIDX is open to all interested members of the community
active in furthering the development and implementation of e-business standards.



FIDX Resolves Industry Standards Issue                                                 FIDX Non-Customizable Products Standard 

The Furniture Industry Data Exchange committee has developed a solution to help resolve a nagging industry ecommerce issue. While processing transactions in ecommerce has been relatively simple, building the electronic catalogs has been more difficult. A number of years ago, in order to accommodate the complex configurations associated with custom ordered products (primarily upholstery), FIDX developed a robust standard using XML technology. Unfortunately, more robust means more complex, which resulted in limited use within the industry. FIDX has now provided a less complex solution for use with the simpler non-customizable catalog items.