Membership in FIDX is open to all organizations including manufacturing, retail, financial institutions, system integrators, technology providers, educational institutions and government organizations involved in doing business in or with the Home or Office Furnishings Industry. These companies represent everything from the raw materials to the home delivery and setup.

It is critical to the industry that a neutral organization such as FIDX - which is impartial toward any vendor, manufacturer, supplier, retailer or technology provider - maintains the integrity of e-business standards. This also insures that the documents and information developed by the industry are openly available to the industry so that membership in any organization, whether trade group or outside consortium is not required to benefit from this material.

FIDX operates in an open environment so your participation is welcome and encouraged. Although much of the work that goes on in producing standards is technical in nature, it takes people from every discipline throughout the industry to produce pragmatic solutions that work in the real world.