Minutes June 20, 2012

FIDX Working Group meeting Minutes

June 20, 2012

An online FIDX Committee meeting was held June 20, 2012 at 2:30 pm EST with the following participants: Dave Purvis, Manoj Nigam, Ron Gordon, Mike Overholt, Steve DeHaan, Mary Frye, Dave Lively, Ron Martell, Andrew Garcia, and Kraig Mathias.    

Ron Martell opened the meeting and discussed the need for a simplified version of the FIDX product catalog standard that could be used to define non-configurable products.  He emphasized that the new standard would not replace but would augment the two XML-based product catalog standards previously endorsed by the FIDX Committee.

Ron Gordon discussed an informal telephonic meeting held June 14 to review the proposed Excel file standard with parties who have not previously participated in FIDX Committee meetings.  He then reviewed minor modifications made to the proposed Excel file as a result of the meeting.

After considerable discussion, it was agreed that the current XML-based product catalog standard, which is able to fully define the configuration and pricing rules for the myriad options offered for custom upholstery products, is overly complex and many suppliers do not have personnel who are familiar with XML technology. 

All agreed that the proposed Excel file based FIDX standard can be used to fully define non-configurable products and, since most industry suppliers have personnel who are familiar with Excel technology, more suppliers may support the simpler version of the product catalog standard in the future.  Ron Gordon will coordinate with Dave Purvis who will post the latest version of the Excel file on the FIDX website.

It was also agreed that the AHFA, NHFA and HIFA, who jointly sponsor the FIDX Committee, will issue a joint press release endorsing the new Excel file standard to their members.  Mary Frye volunteered to draft the press release and circulate it via email to Andy Counts, Steve DeHaan and Ron Martell for their comments.  The goal for the press release was tentatively set for the July 30 Las Vegas market opening.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:20 pm.

Ron Martell
FIDX Steering Committee Chairman