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Minutes Sept 2006

FIDX Working Group Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2006

On September 19, 2006, about ten furniture manufacturers, retailers and suppliers participated in an on-line FIDX working group meeting. The meeting started at 2pm EDT.

Mike Overholt, Geoff Mack and Manoj Nigam reviewed a proposed Web Services Response schema. The schema provides for responses to requests for Inventory Status, PO Acknowledgements, PO Change Acknowledgements and PO Status plus it also includes provisions for handling other request types. Ben Keller suggested that the schema should also cover freight related requests such as shipment status and Mike, Geoff and Manoj agreed to extend the schema accordingly. The proposed schema was formally accepted subject to the modifications discussed. Mike will coordinate with Dave Purvis to post the schema on www.fidx.org.

Jeff Baker reviewed the proposed Warranty Registration Acknowledgement schema. After a brief discussion, the schema was formally accepted. Jeff will coordinate with Dave Purvis to post the schema on www.fidx.org.

Jeff also reviewed the data elements to be included in a Warranty Claim Request schema. It was agreed that Jeff should coordinate with warranty experts to define the data element requirements prior to developing a proposed schema.

Mike Overholt agreed to review the recommended schema naming guidelines to assure they also include recommended formats. There was a brief discussion of the schema repository and schema validation process. It was agreed that those subjects will be reviewed at the next meeting.

The next FIDX meeting will be a face to face meeting following the October High Point market that will focus on non-technical issues. Dave Purvis and Ron Martell will coordinate to set the meeting agenda, time and location.

The meeting adjourned at 2:15 pm.

Submitted by Ron Martell, FIDX Steering Committee Chairman