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Minutes January 2006

FIDX Working Group Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2006

An on-line FIDX meeting was held January 12, 2006 at 2pm EST to discuss enhancements to the fnBase schema.

Dave Purvis acted as the meeting coordinator and 8 others participated using GoToMeeting.com services.

Mike Overholt recommended the addition of the following values to the unitOfMeasureType enumeration in fnBase:

  1. BoardFeet
  2. Roll
  3. Kit
  4. Pack
  5. Gallons
  6. Dollars
  7. Liters
  8. Ounces
  9. Case
  10. Spool
  11. Gross
  12. PerThousand

Mike also recommended that the maximum number of digits used for the MonetaryAmount be increased from 2 to 4.

After a brief discussion, both recommendations were approved. Geoff Mack has provided Dave Purvis a revised schema to post on FIDX.org.

The meeting ended at approximately 2:20 EST.

Submitted by Ron Martell, FIDX Steering Committee Chairman.