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UCC News August 2002

RosettaNet Merges With the Uniform Code Council

The Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC) and RosettaNet, the high technology industry's leading e-business standards consortium, announced a merger earlier this week between the two organizations, effective Aug. 1. Under the agreement, RosettaNet will become a subsidiary of the UCC, while continuing to operate as an entity directly with its members. The merger is aimed at strengthening the development and adoption of business-to-business (B2B) standards across the industries served by the two organizations and expanding the standards-based business opportunities for respective member companies.

A primary goal of the relationship is to accelerate B2B integration via industry implementation efforts for XML standards and emerging services. By forming a common architectural environment, the two organizations will drive joint development of B2B standards supporting multiple industries, thereby increasing the speed and number of implementations across user
communities, and attracting adjacent industry sectors on a worldwide basis.

"Our users have consistently said that they need critical mass of standards adoption to truly achieve an efficient supply chain. The complementary strengths of RosettaNet and the UCC can work together to facilitate the ease and speed of standards implementation for the multiple industries we serve today and beyond," said Tom Rittenhouse, President and CEO of the UCC. "We are pleased to welcome the RosettaNet organization and its members as a subsidiary of the UCC, and we look forward to continuing to add value for all of our members."

What Industry Leaders are Saying

"The technology that is being developed and implemented across industry sectors today has the capability to bring dramatic improvements in supply chain efficiency that cannot be achieved without the adoption of standards. The merger of the UCC and RosettaNet brings together two powerful standards bodies that will drive development and implementation of the
fundamental business tools."
~ Stephen N. David, Chief Information Officer and Business-to-Business Officer,The Procter & Gamble Company

"Companies are looking for standards to see a solid return on their investments in XML, RFID, and emerging technologies, and to provide the dramatic savings that has been promised. The UCC and RosettaNet now have powerful resources within a unified organization to bring standards in these areas to fruition within the industry and make the promises of technology
a business reality."
~ Edwin R. Gropp, Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer,Ahold, IS

"The value in the relationship between the UCC and RosettaNet is in the promise of bringing both the organizations and their members together. It presents great opportunities around a variety of standards initiatives that will truly drive efficient business processes supported by robust solution provider offerings."
~ John Thompson, Managing Director, CROSSMARK Consulting