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Minutes Nov 2007

FIDX Working Group Meeting Minutes

November 26, 2007

An on-line FIDX Steering Committee meeting was held November 26, 2007 at 1pm EST with about a dozen participants. The following items were discussed:

  • PO Change & PO Change Acknowledgment schemas - Mike Overholt reviewed minor changes he recommends for the two schemas. The suggested changes were unanimously approved. Mike will coordinate with Dave Purvis to update FIDX.org.
  • Proposed “Simple” product catalog schema – Mike Overholt reviewed a simplified version of the product catalog schema that could be used for non-configured products. It was agreed that Manoj Nigam will review the proposed schema with Mark McCuistion, the primary author of the product catalog schema, and report his findings at the next meeting.
  • Warranty schemas - Jeff Baker reviewed the Warranty Registration and Warranty Registration Acknowledgment schemas. He will review recommended Warranty Claim and Warranty Claim Acknowledgment schemas at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 2:30pm.

The next online FIDX meeting will be scheduled for late January or early February 2008.

Submitted by Ron Martell, FIDX Steering Committee Chairman