Committee 1 - 850 Purchase Order and Product Catalog

Committee Members

Ron Martell - Prevue - Co-facilitator
Mark McCuistion - Prevue
Jeff Baker - Carls
Geoff Mack - FurnishNet
Manoj Nigam - Exim Technologies
Maria Higgins - Century
Rick Killen - Thomasville, Co-facilitator
Susan Tomlinson - Federated
Theresa Jaynes - Century, Co-facilitator

Committee Comments and Notes

February 19, 2002
"Why use the Product Catalog Schema?" An open letter from Ron Martell of Micro*D

June 18 - From Mark McCuistion, Micro*D
"I have placed a documentation file on our ftp server. The documentation is nearly complete as I only need to add a section on pricing and an appendix. I plan to convert the file to an Adobe PDF file for easy download and viewing offline. I also plan to organize it a bit more with a table of contents, section headings and so forth. It's pretty valuable as it stands right now though. I would appreciate any input you have on it. The schema has also changed a bit and the version now stands at 1.2. It seems as though documenting the schema has brought up some typos and flat out mistakes in the design."