Committee 4 - Upholstery Option Codes

Committee Members

Maria Higgins - Century
Rick Killen - Thomasville, Facilitator
Theresa Jaynes - Century

Committee Comments and Notes

The furniture purchase order schema adopted in March, 2001, assumes a standard naming convention for all upholstery options. To make this work, the upholstery industry needs to be sure all the possible options a consumer could ask for are included.

An upholstery option code committee will eventually recommend a complete list that will become a part of the furniture purchase order schema. This committee is not producing a schema, but rather a universally recognized standard for naming option codes in the furniture purchase order schema.

Please note: The purpose of this standard is not to obligate companies to change the naming convention they've been using. The conversion into or
out of this standard occurs in the business systems used to transmit electronic data. It is transparent to customers and doesn't require anyone to
change their existing system.

Thomasville has offered the list above as a starting point. Please examine it carefully. Use the forum to let us know what additional needs you have which are not addressed and/or to clarify meanings.

Review the current list of options