Committee 5 - PO Acknowledgements/Re-Acknowledgements

Committee Members

Anthony Dzikiewicz - Alperts
Bryan Chambers - Mastercraft Fabrics
Dan Baran - Art Van Furniture
Geoff Mack - FurnishNet, Co-Facilitator
Jerry Schneider - Intellitek
Jim Friederichs - La-Z-Boy
Jim Rothey - Whereoware
Mary Bird - La-Z-Boy
Rick Killen - Thomasville, Co-Facilitator
Theresa Jaynes - Century, Co-Facilitator
Thomas Pham - FurnitureFind

Committee Comments and Notes

The proposed Purchase Order Acknowledgement schema is patterned very closely after the FurnXML Purchase Order schema. The approach taken on the Acknowledgement schema is to allow for optional restatement of any information from the original order (in effect, "This is what you ordered"), and to provide corresponding elements in which to acknowledge the order information or changes to it (in effect, "This is what we will provide."

Although the full schema contains many elements, the only mandatory  components are minimal buyer, seller, and ship-to identification, acknowledged product identification, quantity, and price, and a small amount of reference information to identify the order being acknowledged.