Schema Naming Convention

Schema Naming Convention  (This has been proposed to the FIDX working committee and was approved on March 7, 2006)

  1. As an industry standards organization we need to establish a firm naming convention for the schemas.
    • fidx_Description_version.xsd
    • i.e. fidx_POChg_v1.1.xsd  and   fidx_ProdActivity_v1.0.xsd
  2. FIDX has discussed the 'non-inclusion' of EDI numbers in our naming conventions and determined to make the break from EDI and use only the transaction name and NOT the number.  
  3. But, we will include an EDI number cross reference column in the Complete Schema List to help align the processes.
  4. Version numbering - lower case "v" followed by a number and at least one decimal place. (i.e.  v1.6)
  5. Test versions - Test versions will begin with v0.1 and will always be less than v1.0
  6. Released version - Released versions will begin with v1.0
  7. Minor revisions will iterate v1.1 to v1.2 to v1.3 etc.
  8. Major revisions will iterate to v2.0 or 3.0 etc.